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Textbook TitleAuthorPrice
21st Century Ethics: An Introduction to Moral PhilosophyRogers, Glenn$50.00
A Survey of Western Music and Literature: An Interactive ...Hontos, Margaret$50.00
A Topical History of Early America: An Interactive TextBaydo, Jerry$50.00
A Topical History of the United States: Modern America ...Baydo, Jerry$50.00
American Government Examined: A ReaderBraunwarth, Joseph$48.00
An Introduction to Anthropology: An Interactive Text 2nd ...Houk, James$50.00
An Introduction to Early Childhood Education 3rd EditionDyer, Debra$50.00
An Introduction to World MusicHontos, Margaret$50.00
Ancestors: An Introduction to ArchaeologySmith, Cameron$50.00
Becoming a Teacher: A Digital Workbook for Prospective ...Schiller, Marjorie$28.00
Cognitive Science: An Interactive ApproachGoolkasian, Paula$50.00
Creating Interactive Curriculum for Elementary and Middle...Lyman, Lawrence$45.00
Early American History to 1877: An Interactive Text 2nd ...Rhoades-Swartz, Linda$50.00
Early Western Civilization: Ancient Times to 1648 2nd ...Clements, Lester$50.00
Early World History: An Interactive TextBrand, Connie$50.00
Educational Psychology: Theories of Learning and Human ...Johnson, Andrew P.$50.00
Forever Young: The History of Rock and RollBrown, Michael$50.00
Gender Psychology 2nd EditionMorgan, Betsy$50.00
Gerontology: An Interactive Text 2nd EditionForce, Lawrence$50.00
How to Think Using Microeconomic ReasoningNadler, Mark$17.00
Improving Intergroup Relationships via Community Service ...Hoffman, August$40.00
International Law and Dispute Resolution: An Introductory...Kleinberg, Raymonde$50.00
International Relations Examined: An Interactive TextKleinberg, Raymonde$50.00
Introduction to Music Theory: An Interactive ApproachMusso, Paul$50.00
Introduction to Social Work: Macro, Mezzo and Micro ...Sinnott, Cheri$50.00
Introductory Cultural Anthropology: New Perspectives Cormier, Loretta$50.00
Introductory Sociology: An Interactive TextBlasi, Anthony$50.00
Logic: Short and SimpleCrowley, James F.$45.00
Managing Interactive Classroom Learning Communities for ...Lyman, Lawrence$45.00
Modern America Examined: A Reader (3rd Edition)Baydo, Jerry$45.00
Modern American History: An Interactive TextRhoades-Swartz, Linda$50.00
Modern Western Civilization: From the Rise of Absolutism ...Clements, Lester$50.00
Modern World History: An Interactive TextTauger, Mark$50.00
Music Appreciation: An Interactive ApproachBrown, Michael$50.00
Music: Notation and Practice in Past and PresentSaunders, Matthew C.$50.00
Open to Debate: An Interactive Approach to United States ...Braunwarth, Joseph$50.00
Perspectives on Early America: An Interactive ReaderBaydo, Jerry$45.00
Philosophical Musings: Thirteen Questions That Provide a ...Rogers, Glenn$50.00
Popular Music TheoryMusso, Paul$50.00
Religion in the Midst of Life Second EditionHanshaw, Mark$50.00
Roots: American MusicBrown, Michael$50.00
Strategic Literacy InstructionLovelace, Terry$50.00
Stratums: The Many Layers of Interpersonal CommunicationJohnson, Cynthia$50.00
Strictly Speaking: An Interactive TextJohnson, Cynthia$50.00
Systems and Theories in PsychologyTerrell, John$50.00
Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary School: ...Lyman, Lawrence$50.00
The Art of TheaterBrown, Larry A.$50.00
The History of Jazz: A Confluence of Culture and IdeasSmith, Wayne C.$50.00
Theatre: A Visual HistoryPalmer, Richard$50.00





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